Project Idea

In collaboration with FTR SPECIAL PARTS , we have created a series of accessories that will further enhance this splendid bike. The basic idea of this project is to create components in composite material with different materials and finishes, to then play with the combinations, and make your bike truly special. In some cases (such as the fuse cover) we have carried out a real work of stylistic improvement, making the shapes more fluid and integrated with the rest of the bike's design.

3D Modelling

After scanning the plastic parts, there was the realization of the mathematics in reverse (i.e. modeling the surfaces with the support of the mesh, the result of the high resolution scan). We then carried out the restyling of the elements, each with its own insert (which as we will see can be in different composite materials) The elements involved are: Radiator side panels, Exhaust manifold heat shield, Tank cover and fuse covers