I have always had a particular passion / attraction for the world of motors, especially for motorcycles.

By fusing this strong passion with my studies in Industrial Design, I have finally created my ideal work.

Thinking about it, drawing it, shaping it and finally creating it, these are the 4 processes that each of my products follows.

The idea is to create a brand that will not bend to the laws of large numbers, where details and refinement are often overlooked. Do not create objects that will then be forced to adapt to various types of motorcycles, but a product for each of them.

All this also thanks to the new technologies that come to us, the mold has been surpassed by the 3D printing process.

In fact, for some products that require a high resistance index, we rely on HP Multijet Fusion printing technology, which guarantees us a very high quality of surfaces in a very short time.

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